By way of the present legal notice, Renáta Tar a sole proprietor (the Service Provider) wishes to provide information relating to the use of the services and information available on the website.


The Service Provider, in compliance with her obligations under the applicable legislation, provides information under a separate menu item on her form of operation, her contact details and the data of her website hosting service provider. The Service Provider welcomes any comments or questions regarding the use of her website to the contact details provided under the Impressum section.

The use of the website

The information, documents or other written materials available on are for general information purposes only and do not constitute professional, health or mental health advice. The Service Provider aims to publish on her website the most complete, accurate and up-to-date information possible. If the Service Provider becomes aware of any errors relating to the content of the website, she will arrange for the necessary corrections. Should the visitor of the website become aware of any errors or inaccuracies, the she/he can report them to the Service Provider via the contact details provided under the Impressum.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages, losses or costs arising from the use, inability to use, or the improper use of the information available on the website, or for any damages, losses or costs arising from computer viruses, line or system failures or other similar events.

The Service Provider, acting in good faith and in the interest of the provision of complete information, may occasionally refer to website of third parties and the content available there. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for the content, accuracy and operation of such third party websites. 

The Service Provider reserves the right to revise the content of the website in its entirety or solely limited to a part of it and to modify its content, at any time without any prior notice.


Unless otherwise indicated on the website, the website is the intellectual property of the Service Provider and is protected by copyright. 

The copyright of all content of the website (including, in particular, the copyright of blog posts and other texts, studies, specific methods, ideas, sound, image and video material available on the website) is owned by the Service Provider, except where it is expressly indicated otherwise in a particular document (blog post or other source) or other copyright notice is given. The Service Provider expressly draws the attention to the fact that the Service Provider is the owner of the domain name, logo, creative design and graphics of the website, and any unauthorized use shall be considered as breach of the applicable laws.

The information and data contained on the website may be saved, printed or shared on social networking sites for personal use only.  The provision of access to the website shall not be construed as granting any license by the Service Provider to the use of the intellectual property made available on the website, irrespectively whether the use of information is for pecuniary or non-pecuniary gain. 

Unless otherwise stated, the information on the website may be distributed without modification, solely in accordance with the provisions of the Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright and with an indication of the source. The Service Provider kindly requests the author to inform the Service Provider in such case, by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address available under the Impressum.

Data protection

The Service Provider is committed to fully comply with the legal provisions on data management and data protection. For this reason, the Service Provider has published on its website, under a separate menu item, documents entitled Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy, in which documents the Service Provider provides detailed information on the data management and data protection activities carried out in connection with the services provided by her and the operation of her website. 

The Service Provider requests the visitors to the website, also her business partners to inform themselves about the Service Provider’s data management activity by means of the above documents.  The Service Provider expressly draws the attention to the fact that the rights of data subjects in relation to data processing are set out in the Privacy Notice of the Service Provider. 

Subscription to Newsletter

The visitors of the website are provided with the opportunity to subscribe to newsletters (marketing letters) sent by the Service Provider.  The purpose of newsletters is to share professional knowledge, articles and news with the subscribers, and where appropriate, the newsletters are sent for marketing purposes. The subscription to the newsletter is subject to the explicit consent of the visitor of the website. Newsletters will not be sent once the addressee will use the “unsubscribe” function in the newsletter.

Further details relating to data management of newsletters are contained in the Privacy Notice of the Service Provider. 

General Terms and Conditions

The Service Provider enters into contractual relations with its business partners through individual agreements, hence the Service Provider does not publish a separate document entitled General Terms and Conditions. By respecting the spirit of mutual respect for each other’s rights and interests, the provisions of the specific agreements concluded between the Service Provider and its business partners shall be in all cases the result of joint negotiations. 

Feedback and reviews

The Service Provider attaches great importance to the continuous improvement of her work and the services she provides. This requires the Service Provider to be aware of the opinions of the users of her services. For this reason, the Service Provider welcomes the feedback from the users of her services at the contact details (mainly e-mail address) specified under the Impressum. The Service Provider will rely on these opinions on her website and in other written materials (e.g. presentations, quotations, etc.). In this context, the Service Provider is committed to ensure that the opinions expressed on her website or in other written materials are presented in a transparent manner, in accordance with the provisions of the Act XLVII of 2008 on the prohibition of unfair commercial practices against consumers and the respective guidelines issued by the competent authorities in this subject.

Subject to the above-written, the Service Provider follows the following principles regarding the use and display of opinions:

  • the opinions must relate primarily to the service provided, and must be worded in such a way which enables other future “customers” to make a well-grounded, objective and well-informed decision;
  • the Service Provider suggests to provide the opinion within a reasonable time after the receipt of the service, taking into account that the impacts of the received service (e.g. mentoring, visualization training) can induce impact on a long term;
  • the reviews and opinions can only be made on a voluntary basis, the Service Provider does not offer any benefits (e.g. discounts, free training, etc.) in exchange for the feedback, neither before nor after the feedback;
  • the Service Provider processes the opinion within a week, and – in order to ensure transparency-  she requests the opinion by indicating the name and the wider place of residence (e.g. country and/or city); the Service Provider will publish it respectively. The Service Provider request the opinion from the mailing address (e-mail address) previously used for contacting purposes;
  • the reviewer may request the deletion of her/his opinion, in which case the Service Provider will take appropriate actions within one week counted from the day of the receipt of such request;
  • the Service Provider expects the opinion in “free-word” format, and does not require the reviewers to complete any form or template in which the reviewer may express her/his opinion only by choosing a pre-written text. In addition to her/his free-word opinion, the reviewer has the possibility to express her/his opinion by means of a graphic solution (“stars”). The stars represent the following ratings from 1 to 5: Bad (1), Poor (2), Average (3), Good (4), Excellent (5);
  • the Service Provider does not contact its business partners to request them to withdraw or change their negative opinions. However, the Service Provider may contact such business partners aiming at improving the Service Provider’s future services;
  • sponsored reviews (‘influencers’) are not presented on the website;
  • the Service Provider does not select between positive and negative opinions in any way, but maintains her right to apply reasonable moderation principles, where the opinion 
  • constitutes or is likely to constitute a criminal offence or other type of offence or otherwise violates the applicable laws of Hungary,
  • infringes personal rights or violates the legal provisions relating to data protection,
  • is provocative, aggressive, threatening or intimidating in tone, 
  • contains unlawful media content, or linking to websites with hateful, intimidating content.

Closing provisions

This notice is effective from 20 June 2023, until it is withdrawn. The Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally change this notice at any time. 

This notice is made available by the Service Provider on its website also in the English language. The English translation has been prepared with the utmost care, however, in case of any discrepancy between the English and the Hungarian version, the Hungarian version shall prevail.

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