Return to work mentoring for mothers

As a mother of 1 I know exactly how challenging is to return to work after a short or longer period spent at home with your little one(s). It's not enough to face your own fears, there is also the pressure to conform to social norms (e.g., to be a good mother, wife and employee). Not to mention beating yourself up about the thought that you are not enough or the guilt that you cannot be everywhere all at once. Especially if you're as driven as I am, who can't settle for part-time assistant duties and want to build your own business. If it sounds like you, I've designed this program for you.

What topics can we discuss during the mentoring sessions?

  • How to write your CV? – useful tips and advice
  • How to prepare for an interview?
  • How to sell yourself and get the position of your dreams?
  • How do you mentally prepare for the return?
  • Stress management techniques
  • Creating and maintaining work-life balance

2x 60 minutes

available online only -
Price: 250 EUR

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Return to work mentoring for mothers

2x 60 minutes one-on-one mentoring session

available online only -
Price: 250 EUR

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